Textile Service International T. & I. srl

thanks to the 30 years old experience in world market is able to operate the complete rehabilitation, development and innovation of PUBLIC SECTOR spinning and weaving factories in middle east and far east countries.

Our steps studied accordling to the costumer market exigencies let the PUBLIC SECTOR factories grow-up and obtain the EUROPEAN standards quality on the yarn production : - Rehabilitating of manpower on manufacturing operations to improve the type and count number of the produced yarns, the thing which be illustrated in raising the price of the yarn and promoting it from lower to up level.

-I mproving the yarn homogeneity in a way to reinforce the strength of the hair and hardness of the cone.

- Innovation and automation of the machines, the thing which will improve production and quality and decrease loss (2nd and 3rd class yarns).

- Improving operation conditions.

- Partecipating in marketing the products abroad on European and International scale.

In the light of the above mentioned particulars, we are interested in allotting for us one of the public sector factories, which suffer from technical of operating and low quality of product and difficulty of marketing, for the purpose of rehabilitating the factory cadres to become a pioneering project under fundamental conditions to be agreed upon, involving rehabilitation costs against settlement of cost through yarn. The yarn shall be priced according to the prevailing international prices at delivery time on barter basis (yarns against rehabilitation cost).


Second hand spinning machine MARZOLI model NSF/L 3, link with Schlaforst 238

Second hand spinning machine MARZOLI model NSF/L 3, nr. 864 spindles, year 1997/98, with CAIPO and PINTER, link with Schlaforst 238


Nr. 03 automatic winders Savio ESPERO E

2nd hand automatic winding machine Savio model ESPERO E, 60 heads each, year 2002.


Tecnorama samples dyeing Lab.

Dosorama, Turbodye, Datacolor, Spectro TECNORAMA - GRETAG MACBETH