Products: Laboratory equipments

Quality laboratory USTER - yarns & fibers

Secondo hand quality laboratory made by USTER, composed by:
- USTER TESTER 3 eveness converter, sensor D,B, absorber type B, signal processor, printer stabilizer, air filter and pressure control,
- USTER TENSIORAPID, automatic strength tester, 1000Newton max, signal processor, printer, stabilizer,
- HIV 900 USTER SPINLAB, color trash module, micron air modle, lenkt/straight module, monitors, fiber sampler.
- USTER AUTOSORTER, PR-503, UAS4 Mettler Toledo scale,
- USTER CLASSIMAT II, 6 detaching heads with central unti, fitted on 6 spindles of Ri.Te. winder,
- Branca Idealair motor driven yarn reel, electronic length measuring, digital selection of the length.

latest news

Second hand spinning machine MARZOLI model NSF/L , link with Schlaforst 238

Second hand spinning machine MARZOLI model NSF/L 3, nr. 864 spindles, year 1997/98, with CAIPO and PINTER devices, link with Schlaforst 238


Nr. 03 automatic winders Savio ESPERO E

2nd hand automatic winding machine Savio model ESPERO E, 60 heads each, year 2002.


Tecnorama samples dyeing Lab.

Dosorama, Turbodye, Datacolor, Spectro TECNORAMA - GRETAG MACBETH